giovedì 8 agosto 2013

Razones para una sonrisa

Questo lo sketch proposto da Sketches in Thyme,

e questa la mia interpretazione. Quel giorno ero un po' giù e allora ho ripensato ad una canzone del mio cantante preferito (José Luis Rodriguez), che dice proprio così: sono sicuro che esistono ancora motivi per sorridere: cercali!

For English friends:
This is the sketch proposed by Sketches in Thyme, and this is my interpretation. That day I was a little sad, and then I thought back to a song of my favorite singer (Jose Luis Rodriguez), who says just that: I'm sure that there are still reasons to smile: look for them!

1 commento:

  1. Well it may have been a sad day...but I can tell you how happy
    all your creations make me!
    Been looking around and enjoying each detail with the warmth
    that I know you create with!
    Really a pleasure for me to have you on our team now!

    Warmly, Leah